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  • What is stippling?
    Stippling is traditionally making small indentations into an object to add traction for handling. As of today it has evolved into modifying a Polymer grip by removing material for ergonomic benefits as well as applying a heated tip to create a design or pattern for grip texture.
  • Are the Books Open or Closed?
    Once we receive a certain amount of orders we will close the books to the public allowing us time to give those clients who placed an order our full attention. Once we get down to a lower amount of orders we will open the books on the website to the public.
  • Why do you close the books?
    We are not in the business of overwhelming ourselves with orders in the sense of Greed. We want to be flexible and fluent with our time for family, church and friends. If we take on too many orders then we are setting ourselves up for stress and an unhealthy work environment. I do not want my passion to turn into hassle.
  • How does the payment work?
    A SPOT FEE of $100 is made to secure your spot. The client ships their order to the shop and once the clients spot is approaching for completion an invoice will be generated for the remainder balance. The payment will need to be completed prior to the order being shipped back. The Spot Fee does not reflect the final invoice. Please note: The client has 7-10 business days to ship their order in. If the client decides not to move forward with shipping the order in or goes past the 7-10 business days the process is voided and the deposit is non-refundable. Essentially you are taking place of a client that would have followed instructions and wastes valuable work time.
  • What are the different textures called?
  • What is the "All-In" Package?"
    The All-In Package is a flat rate package where the client can opt in/out of modifications and create their ideal frame job.
  • What is the "Enigma" Package?"
    The Enigma package is an authentic STIPPGRIPS design where we remove all factory markings, cerakote the frame and then lay down patches of stippling.
  • Does Enigma have to have Cerakote?
    Yes. If you want to have the Enigma package and still have the factory color then it will still be cerakoted to mimic the factory coating.
  • What are Triggerguard Undercuts?
    Removing material under the triggerguard to allow for a higher grip purchase and aiding in eliminating the common "Glock knuckle" which also allows for a more natural trigger pull. The Double Undercut is where a second area is removed and textured for the support hand.
  • What is an Index Point?
    An Index Point is the most forward of the frame typically sitting in front of your takedown Slide release.
  • What is a Shooters Ledge?
    This is where we cut out a partially angled ledge and then flatten out the area of the Index Point allowing for the support hand thumb to lie to help mitigate recoil.
  • What is an Accelerator Cut?
    This is where we cut out a fully angled ledge of the Index Point allowing for the support hand thumb to lie to help mitigate recoil.
  • What is a Mag Scallop?
    This modification is where we remove material around the Mag release allowing for a more pronounced purchase when ejecting a mag. This modification can and only will be done on a Gen 1-3 Glock frame. It is not offered to the Gen 4-5 frames considering the design of the mag release.
  • What are Glove Cuts?
    Material removed above your trigger reducing the amount of material around your trigger hole allowing your trigger finger to sink more into the frame.
  • What is a Grip Chop?
    This is where we reduce the Bottom of the frame where the mag feeds into to accept lower capacity mags which also allows for more concealability. The lower capacity Mag will need to be provided by the client.
  • What is High Tang and Low Tang?
    High Tang is where stippling goes up the rear of the frame. Low Tang is where stippling rides down leaving the web of your hand free of stippling.
  • Does the Stippling process reduce the size of the frame?
    Each project goes through a prep process where all factory material that will be either polished or stippled. This does remove material and reduces the size of the frame for a more comfortable and custom feel.
  • Do you offer single modifications with not stippling?
    We like to focus on full grip work. A La Carte modifications are not currently offered.
  • How aggressive is the stippling?
    The stipping is not "Aggressive" but abrasive. Each frame will go through a smoothing process which will allow for the client to edc the gun comfortably IWB to skin.
  • Do I need to disassemble my gun?
    You can ship your gun stripped or assembled.
  • Do you offer Cerakote?
    We do offer cerakote services. See our Cerakote tab at the top of the Homepage.
  • Do you offer slide work?
    We do offer slide milling services through various companies. We will act as a liaison to aid in creating the ultimate experience in building your dream gun.
  • Do you offer Laser Engraving?
    We do offer Laser Engraved Logos, these will be discussed via email to obtain images and dimensions.
  • How do you get a two-toned frame?
    This is where we prep a frame and have it cerakoted. Once cerakoted then we cut out borders to remove the cerakote and expose the natural color of the frame. All of the exposed areas are then stippled completing the two-tone look.
  • How long does it take to stipple a frame?
    Stippling can be a drawn out process that is not rushed or forced. We typically will need a full day to complete a frame. Lead-Times will be covered below.
  • What is the Lead Time?
    Lead Time is the amount of work we have in the shop that will be completed prior to getting to your project. Lead Times will vary and be subject to change considering production is a one man operation. That one man also has a family, church and a recreational life that is important for him to balance in a healthy manner. So if you are not patient and you blow up the line of communication then it will take longer to complete projects because we are having to take time to respond to emails/phone calls.
  • Can I come to the shop?
    If you are local or would like to travel to the shop you will need to schedule an appointment to do so.
  • How do I place an order for stippling?
    You can visit our website to place your order.
  • Do you offer MIL/First Responder discount?
    Yes, we offer a 10% discount once a copy of credentials are provided.
  • Do you offer a multi-gun discount?
    Yes, you will receive 10% off of 5 or more frames sent in at once.
  • Where are you located?
    Waxahachie, TX
  • How do I ship my gun to you?
    Visit your local FedEx or UPS to gain instructions and guidance on how to ship your order to us.
  • Does an FFL have to ship my gun out for me?
    No, considering what we do is considered "Gun Smithing" you are legally able to ship your gun directly to us. Upon completion it will be shipped directly back to you.
  • What all do I need to include when shipping my firearm?
    Unloaded and cleared Firearm (stripped or assembled). A print out copy of your order from the website. You may request a copy of our FFL to print off.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    This is a "No Refund" operation. If you find that you are not happy with the work we will be happy to discuss any issues you may have (which is unlikely). This is 100% hand crafted work.
  • Do you sell already stippled frames?
    We do not maintain an inventory of frames, but you are more than welcome to purchase a firearm online, have it shipped to us for work. Upon completion it will be shipped to your local FFL for proper paperwork and background research to be placed in your name.
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